Rose Food 5-6-3

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Manufacturer: Rabbit Hill Farm
Rose Food 5-6-3 is excellent for all blooming plants. Produces healthier plants, larger blooms, and builds stronger roots.
Directions: Apply 2 T Rose Food over root area of small potted plants, 1/4 cup for medium plants,
                1/2 cup for large plants, and 1 cup for very large plants.
Ingredients: Alfalfa meal, soft rock phophate with colloidal clay, bone meal, cottonseed meal, wormcastings,
                 soybean meal, feather meal, sulfate of potash, humate, rabbit manure, greensand kelp, and epsom salt.
Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen(N).......................5% 
                                Availible Potash(P2O5)..............6%
                                Soluble Potash(K2O).................3%

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