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20% Vinegar is a quick acting, non-selective contact herbicide containing an organic acid which degrades promptly in the soil. 
• Contact with vegetation results in rapid burning and drying of annual weeds and grasses and top growth reduction of perennial weeds and grasses. 
 • For control of established, mature vegetation, retreatment may be necessary. 
 • Because of its rapid biodegradability, planting or re-planting can be done within 3 hours. 

Typical Weeds Controlled 
Annual Broadleef Weeds: Black Medic, Chickweed, Black Nightshade, Cinquefoil, Common groundsel, Hairy nightshade, Lambsquarters, Mustard spp., Oxalis spp., Pigweed ssp., Ragweed ssp., Shepherdspurse, Smartweed (ladysthumb), Velvetleag. Perennial Broadleef Weeds: Amaranth spp., Cinquefoi. (silvery), Dandelion, Ground Ivy, Plantain spp., Toadflax, Tufted vetch, Wild carrot, Moss. 
Annual Grasses: Crabgrass, Foxtail spp., Italian ryegrass, Poa annua. Perennial Grasses: Quackgrass, Witchgrass, Bluegrass.

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