Sea Mist Liquid Seaweed - One Gallon, $29.80, plus shipping

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Manufacturer: Maestro-Gro, Inc


The OMRI listed seaweed is derived from fresh sea kelp, and is extracted using a chemical free process. Contains a range of nutrients (14% Potassium), trace elements,  vitamins, amino acids, chelates and growth enhancers. Combined for even greater effectiveness with Humic Acid, Molasses and Chelated Minerals (iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganese, boron).         

SEAMIST Liquid Seaweed is great for:

-      Root development

-      Seed germination

-      Bloom set (as in tomatoes)

-      Blossom and fruit development

-      Fungal control

-      The control of white flies, aphids and other unwanted insects

INGREDIENTS: Liquid Seaweed * Humic Acid * Molasses * IronZinc/Boron/Magnesium/Manganese/Boron/Copper * Apple Cider Vinegar * Garlic

APPLICATION:  Apply by foliar feeding or soil drench at the rate of one gallon per 1/2 acre.



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